Friday, August 27, 2010

Catch Up

Today is a day to meet with Australians!

I am meeting Skip for coffee this afternoon as he flies in and flies out later in the afternoon; so that will be lovely to catch up. He will probably want to speak as much french as possible...too bad im very rusty!
Where Im meeting up with him is where the tallest building in France is- the Tour Monterpenasse! They think 53 stories is high! Gosh they need to take a look at the Eureka building!!! Ill go up the french tower when the weather is a bit better as the view is amazing, you can see the Eiffel tower directly and gardens below.

After meeting with Skip im meeting with my new friend Kelli for the afternoon and dinner at a vegetarian restaurant she knows. It's actually quite easy not eating meat here, easier than I expected! You just need to understand parts of the menu lol

Surprisingly I have been here over a week and still havnt met the little munchkins! They have been away with some family friends out in Normandy where the man theyre visiting is a photographer for the horse races and the kids love going with him. So we are going to pick them up tomorrow morning and stay in a nice B&B on Saturday night and eat at a traditional french restaurant for dinner...luckily my hosts can translate for me as also none of the people we are seeing speak a word of english!!!

Yesterday on my bike ride I was so in awe, the houses around these suburbs are just so amazing, there are barely any words to describe them, some have 5 stories, castle like looking, mysterious etc Next time im there I will take pictures because theyre incredible! Nothing like them in Australia sorry!

Did I mention getting stuck in the metro station the other day!? Once I had reached Charles de Gaulle station on the train my ticket wouldnt work to get me through the next section and seeing as the information desk was through the gate, I was totally stuck! So I looked up my french handbook and tried scrambling a sentence together to speak to the man through the emergency help button! The problem is that because I told him in french my ticket wouldnt work, he responded in french what to do! So I just started hoping for the best and spoke english then...I think he just gave up on me because he just buzzed the gate open for me!

It will be great to finally start my french lessons end of September, then in instances like above I will be dandy! Just have to complete a test first to determine a level :s

Next time I write I can tell you about the children, they sound so cute! And apparently Morgane has drawn me lots of pictures already!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First experiences!

It is amazing here, just so beautiful, so surreal that i have finally made it here! The people have actually been very friendly, although I would find it a lot easier to be fluent in the language, as I have been lost already and stuck in the train station not knowing where to go! haha

The desserts are incredible! I love just looking at them, its hard to not buy them all! I had a really yummy baguette the other day that had mozarella, tomatos, lettuce and pesto in an olive baguette! Its great because theyre everywhere!!!
And i dont have to worry about getting fat from the baguetts and cheese because i pretty much walked from one side of paris to the other on Friday! My feet where paying for it, but totally worth it!

The Sacre Couer was really nice, and thankgoodness I wanted to go up to the top of the dome because there was a freaky middle aged french man being a bit friendly, luckily he didnt want to pay the 5 euro!!! Im sad to say I didnt get to eat a nutella crepe, but my handbag was worth the sacrifice.

Today I drove for the first time! I only clipped the curb once! Its quite tricky getting used to the other side of the car and road, but quite fun at the same time. Evelyne showed me where the children go to school- it is gorgeous! I also have to give my fingerprints so that I can pick the children up- only those with their prints registered can get through the gate! Privileged!
Thats all for now!