Monday, May 16, 2011


So I've just written about 14 pages in my journal, not exactly necessary to put it all on my blog!
But maybe at some point I will publish it just for fun, a bit like those photo albums you can create. So I've chosen a few pages to share with you from my last few weeks in Venice, Rome, Munich and Paris!

And for the last 3 months, well, they've just been the usual...looking after children and spending my weekends in Paris...yeh I know, what a life! ha (I must inform you though, it's not all sparkles!)

Last month Dave came over for a few weeks, we started our adventures in Venice! While we where there, we ate at some lovely restaurants, enjoyed the most delicious pizza, walked the quaint little canals, enjoying addictive coffee, and I must admit I've been getting a few headaches since my Italian getaway, must say no to coffee more often! We visited the famous Palazzo museum and ate lots of amazing ice-cream, I had the best yet- strawberry and chocolate. Must say I was in awe of the huge yacht too! Seeing as we had bought the transport boat ticket for the 3 days we decided to jump on one evening and take a little ride. Not looking at the time we leisurely sat there, stopping at all different parts of the islands. Until we came to one island and everyone got off!!! Here we thought 'Oh great, we're going to be stuck here all night', as it was about midnight! Luckily the driver was nice enough to drop us back to the main land.

Now, we couldn't go all the way to Venice and not go on a Gondola ride! Seeing as Venice is just as perfect as the movies, we didn't expect any less than a romantic evening ride. Then it was time to leave on the train the next morning past the hills of Florence headed towards Rome.

Here we did a tour through Vatican City and even posted postcards from their very own post office! Not to mention we accidently stole the postcards! Might I add we did pay for the stamps ;) Yes...we've stolen from the Pope!

After going through the Vatican it was interesting to be able to go to mass on Easter Sunday and see the Pope in the flesh- at a distance of course! There where thousands of people, each of us had to go through a security check to get into the main square, which surprised me we even got that close. Once in a lifetime experience I think.

The enormity of the Colosseum is unbelievable, and all the ruins. I would love to go back in time and see it all built, it seems like they where all giants back then.

After Rome it was back to Paris to visit the sites again, I really enjoy taking people around to all my favourite places and exploring the new ones. We went to Versailles and wondered through the gardens, they're so beautiful! I can't get over how much land or the size of castles just a few people had back then. I got to go up the Eiffel Tower again with Dave, the last time I went up I could barely see my hand in front of my face, so was nice to see the glorious view with someone special.
But for all you out there, it's not actually that romantic up there! haha

I've been very fortunate and have found some volunteer work in an Art Gallery near the Eiffel Tower:  Dave and I went to a showing one night and he took some photos for the manager, I look forward to adding this to my resume! After that we walked to the tower and watched it sparkle, such a beautiful sight. That was romantic :)

Last but not least for now, we went to Munich also! We visited the BMW museum, loved it! I definitely know what kind of car I want to get in the future...when I can afford it! Then in the afternoon we walked around the Marien Platz, there was so much beer around...I guess that's why it's known for Octoberfest! It was SO funny, we saw this huge fat guy who was the street sweeper, I quickly took a photo and we ran unreal! That night we ate at the famous Houghborough house, I think I'd get fat living in Munich as the food is so heavy.

Originally we where going to go visit the Neuschwanstein Castle on the Sunday but didn't end up having enough time, so we did something completely opposite and went to the Dachau concentration camp, I've never been to one before, it was a real eye opener. I can't believe humans treated other humans like that!

Tomorrow it will be exactly 3 months until I am back in Australia!!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone for me. But for now I'm still an aupair and continuing my French course. I still have a number of places to visit, so shall hop to over the next 3   months. Also looking forwards to my parents coming over in 8 weeks!

Au revoir pour maintenant, bisous!!! xooxox