Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spain here I come!

Europe is great! Friends are great! Classes are great and I'm great!

I've really enjoyed catching up with Mailys this weekend, I hadn't seen her in 5 years since she lived with me in Perth and I'm pleased to say that it was just as though not a year had gone by! We went for coffee in a cute area known as the Jewish community and enjoyed a beautiful date slice....Mum would lovei t!! It was nice to have something different to a croissant.

I have a confession... I got a 40 € fine on the train a couple of weeks ago as I didn't have a really it is my own fault! Those guards where not going to hear a bar of what I had to say...'I lost my ticket!' It was funny though because all the people that where getting fines where from other countries! I think they had the same excuse as me hehe

Tonight I'm off to Spain to see Belen who was also in school with me! I'm so excited as the holiday adventures are now starting to take shape! My new Irish friend invited me to stay with her for a week before Christmas as well so there I go, then to London for Christmas then onto Scotland for NYE.

I just received my birthday present from my parents today and was soooo excited to see some Smiths Crisps! It's sad we don't have them here as they are just sooo good! But I guess that's one less thing to get fat on. One thing I wont get fat with are the gorgeous clothes they sent me, very cute and I look forward to wearing some in Spain :)

Thanks also Kelli, David and Candice for your letters!!!

<3 Chelsea xox