Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its been a while!

Wow I just realised that it's actually been a while since I last wrote on here, but you know, Ive been accumilating a lot more things to be able to write about!

So I finally met the children, although I feel like I have already written this all on here (maybe it didnt get posted) or maybe Ive told this a few times already plus written it in my diary! Again for fun :)

They are really cute when they are happy! But isnt that like all children, they have a bit of a canadian accent as their last aupair was from Canada and they learnt to speak english with her, I wonder if they will have little Australian accents when I'm finished here! That would be funny, maybe ill have a mini french twing to the sound of my english spoken words- you can all be the judge of that!

Back to the children...We are getting into a real routine and getting used to the daily activities of Morgane whether it be Pony Club or swimming or Jeudo for Lucas, they have a bigger social life than me at the moment haha Lucas gives the biggest hugs and kisses on the cheek and is obsessed with flowers! He is always picking them, even though he is onlly alowed to pick the weedy yellow ones! If he got to pick all the pretty ones there would be none left! I think he is going to be a real ladies man!

Morgane is great at drawing, crying and whining! :S It drives me crazy some days but just have to move on and threaten that there will be no cartoons that night if she keeps carrying on like that! lol Its  a great threat, it works a charm :) I bought over some cool activity cards that we make little arty things, she loves that and always keeps her busy.

Last week my friend Natalie was visiting from Perth! We had a great time and went to the Chanel store...gorgeous! Then headed to the nicest cafe I have ever eaten at, it was called Cafe Angelina, very posh! It cost like 30 euro for just 2 desserts and 2 drinks! But worth it as my dessert had gold on it!!!

Then we went up the Tour Montpernasse which had a 360° view of Paris and faces directly to the Eiffle Tower...unfortunatly I didnt have my good camera so my photos arent that great, ill have to go again I think! Which one of you would like to come?

Then that night on the way home we took the wrong train and had to wait something like 30 minutes to get back where we needed to be! The next day we went shopping in St Germaine En Laye and had yum crepes for lunch then headed to Paris for drinks with new friends we made from Travelex!

Since then the guy from Travelex got fired! And the other one Harold his friend asked me out! Dont worry, i'm still single!

Oh heres some shocking news that you will all think is typical of the French... On sunday I was having a lovely day to myself in St Germaine, I had walked around the shops which had closed (I didnt know they closed at 1 pm on Sundays) so then after quickly buying my new Le Coq Sportif shoes  I headed to the castle gardens to enjoy my Jodi Picoult novel, I found a lovely quite place under a tree that had spikes like Jesus crown of thorns and thought to myself that this would be my new place that I would come and relax in whenever I felt like beling along. 1.5 hours later I see a man all official walking towards me, and in french he starts blabbering something and pointing....so I quickly figure out that I am not alowed to be on the grass!!!!
He tells me I have to go sit on the park bench! Soooo not as relaxing, and seeing as I was a bit down in the first place this silly little thing just made me cry! I didnt understand because not far away there was lots of people laying on the grass! So the Jesus spikes tree was forbidden for me, and there went my relaxing place!
I thought 'This wouldnt happen in Australia!!!!!'

Often when I'm driving the car or on the train or walking through the shops I like to just watch people, you can spot the true Parisian by the clothes they wear and how they wear them, I am yet to see someone wearing a béret! Maybe when it hits winter, ill keep you posted on that point. There is one man in particular actually up in Montmartre that is a painter and wears white pants with paint splashes everywhere, an oversized 80's jacket with the sleeves pushed up and his shirt sleeves coming out...he is actually wearing a beret!!! haha 'me paint for you' is what he says everytime :)

It's true there are lots and lots of smokers! On Saturday I was at Le Grand Arch in La Defence and just on the 70 steps below there would have been hundreds of cigarette butts! It horrible, they cant seem to go without! The french people are actually very helpful, I usually ask them the question in french and they figure out from my accent and lack of depth in my question that I speak english, so they continue to help in english :)

I have been trying to learn some more french vocab this week as I sit my language course in 2 weeks to determine my level, I dont want to start at the bottom again so am trying to cram :)

Parlez vous a bientot <3